99¢ Pizza and Old Refrigerators

This evening was quite grand. Travis was kind enough to treat me and Josh Wright to the 99¢ pizza on 43rd between Lexington and 3rd. If you haven't been yet, I highly recommend it. It's probably the best of all of the assorted super-discount pizza places in the city.

Travis got a whole pizza for us ($8). There was an old refrigerator sitting conveniently out on the street, so we made use of it as our dinner table. Time went by, and we ate, drank seltzer water, conversed, and people-watched. One man came up to us at one point when there was one slice of pizza laying out on the fridge and he said, "Hey, your pizza's getting cold!" We told him we knew, and then we asked if he wanted it. He replied , "No, I meant because it was sitting on the fridge." Funny man. I laughed.

I won't disclose the specifics of our conversation. It was pretty top-secret. We're like a gang now. Or blood brothers. Minus the blood exchange. You can't be too careful about HIV when it comes to NYC. Maybe in Idaho, but not here.

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