I like walking here a lot. I go on walks by myself on occasion, just to get fresh air and people watch and think. So, sparking from a crazy idea that I got yesterday, I plan to walk every street and avenue in Manhattan within the next 10 or so months. I might make it into a photo project...maybe getting a shot on every block or at least one from every street, but we'll see. I found a few people's stories on the interwebs, and it's been done before, therefore it is doable. Winter break will give me a lot of free time, since I'm staying in the city, and I think I can get a good amount of walking under my belt.


Also, I'm going to Mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral this evening at 5:30. I've been meaning to go for a while. Until then, maybe I will be productive academically or something. Read Econ. Who knows.