Facebook No More


So guess what. I am not getting on Facebook for a while. Well, to be precise, I am not getting on Facebook until Sunday. On that Sunday, I will return to Facebook for a short time in order to gather any contact information. I expect people to call and send me texties, aight?

Dave and Jake will make me have bad dreams.


I'm not quite sure where to begin, but I'm convinced that I may have nightmares tonight. To sum it all up: Dave has a serious sleep disorder (according to me), and Jake is just creepy.

Extended version:
So we get back from Fall Retreat for King's, and then Abby and I go to church with Zack and Reid at Gallery. I really enjoyed it, but Abby had to shoot out of there quickly at the end because she was feeling really nauseated and had vertigo-like symptoms. When I got back to the apartment, she's feeling better and we decide to go visit the Lewis boys at 5C to study for our Economics quiz tomorrow. We read over the practice quiz we got from the student portal and managed to only get distracted a few times. After all of that, we go into the living room to finish Fight Club, which we had started the night before on retreat. At the end of the movie, we end up in this cuddle pile on the couch with Dave soundly asleep in the middle. Now, Dave is really soundly asleep until he wakes up and acts extremely confused, asking us if we think his face looks fat. Then, he starts crying. Yes. This happened about two more times, and each time was freakier than the one before. Finally, Jake manages to coax Dave back to 5B, and upon return proceeds to make creepy face gestures. There's really so much more to that, but I'm so worked up right now that I can't even articulate the chain of events of the night.

Also, the retreat was amazing. The end.

Fall Retreat


We do not want to go. End of story.

I can't find my shiny leggings that I so desperately want to have for the drama competition. I want to go to the gym, but there is no time. I also want to take a shower, but it keeps spewing out dirty water. Yes. I don't want to think about that. Ughhh. Fall retreat is the bane of my existence right now. I wish I could stay and be sick with Abby.

Update: Shiny leggings have been found.

I love QE1.


As much as I love QE1, I now have a huge tummy ache. It may be from all of the guacamole I ate at our QE1 movie night, but who knows. Ow ow ow ow ow. Who says vegans have to be healthy, huh?

Tim Wainwright


Tim Wainwright.

Abby told me to name this entire blog "Tim Wainwright", but I didn't feel like that was appropriate. You're okay and all, Tim, but you're just not blog title material. So instead, I gave you the honor of being the title of the first post. Also, I gave you big, bold letters. Be pleased.

So, I keep having this craving for frozen grapes, but I already ate/stole all of Abby's, so there are no more grapes to eat. We went to Union Square with Dave last night for groceries, but I didn't want to buy the expensive Trader Joe's grapes. I keep being lazy. Abby and I just went to Duane Reade to stock up on junk. I had kettle corn, Oreos, and Diet Dr. Pepper for dinner. I will possibly have another bag of kettle corn soon. Kettle corn is just too good for words. 100 calories for a giant bag of microwave popcorn? Yes, please.

I miss math.